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2023 A Busy Street Paving Year for Gull Lake

7th Street in Gull Lake Saskatchewan

Gull Lake street paving is now underway. This year, numerous paving projects are being carried out in Gull Lake. The paving of Centennial Place, Seventh Street and the EMS parking lot was approved earlier this year. At the June 28th meeting, street patching and paving of Sixth Street were also added to the list, subject to final budget approval.

The cost of the 2023 paving projects will be as follows:

Centennial Place $555,105.00

Seventh Street including repairs of EMS parking lot $417,462.50

Street Patching $101,925.85 (subject to final budget approval.)

Paving Sixth Street $52,760.00 (subject to final budget approval).

If the final two street paving projects are approved, the total cost of street paving will be $1,127,253.35.

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