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Town of Gull Lake Receives $11,250 Grant For Regional Relationship Building

The Town of Gull Lake received a grant for $11,250 from the Provincial Targeted Sector Support Funding initiative. The TSS grant supports municipal projects aimed at building capacity, fostering good governance, and encouraging inter-municipal co-operation.

The Town's project is focused on Regional Relationship Building. Building strong relationships with neighboring municipalities will help expand current levels of cooperation. Regional Cooperation has always been important but its importance has increased in recent years. Many provincial and federal government grants now give priority to Regional Projects.

In January 2020, the Ministry of Municipal Relations held its first Volunteer Regional Co-operation Workshop in Gull Lake. The workshop was well attended with urban and rural municipal representatives from Southwest Saskatchewan. I had the opportunity to attend, and it was a great opportunity for towns and RMs to learn more about each other. No doubt a similar workshop with local municipalities would be a good first step.

When municipalities collaborate with each other, resources and funding can be pooled to help improve services for residents. The future growth and sustainability of communities depends on municipalities working together as a region.

Blake Campbell

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