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Town of Gull Lake Exploring Options for Water Supply and Treatment Infrastructure

The Town of Gull Lake has invested in exploring options for upgrading our water supply and treatment infrastructure in order to provide a reliable source of potable water to homes and businesses within the community over the coming decades. The Town’s existing potable water supply exceeds the maximum acceptable concentrations for trihalomethane (THM) which poses a long-term health risk to consumers.

A 2020 Feasibility Study identified the construction of a new Water Treatment Plant as the most feasible long-term option for providing a reliable source of potable water. Retrofitting and/or expanding the existing Water Treatment Plant were not recommended as a solution.

Most recently, the Town was asked to consider a regional project as a solution. Realizing that any decision around water is significant for a community, both in terms of cost and making the right long-term decision for their residents, Town Council have approved the decision to support an application for the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).

The application will be submitted by SaskWater to develop a regional system that will provide safe, sustainable and reliable water to the Town of Gull Lake, Village of Hazlet and Town of Cabri. Through discussions with our neighboring communities, it has been determined that there is a collective need to address the state of our water infrastructure and that doing so together is the most mutually beneficial option. Having a viable and long-term water supply system provides a pillar for economic and population growth, allowing our communities to thrive and prosper.

We will update as information is available and are excited for this potential regional collaboration!


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