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Sweet Home Motel Employment Opportunity

The Sweet Home Motel located right beside the highway of Gull Lake is looking for a manager and two janitors who can help take care of the business and these jobs will be long term contacts where wages and terms are negotiable


Job: Motel Manager

Job Description:

  1. similar to a front desk person

  2. mostly work from home with computers except emergencies

  3. respond to online bookings such as calls, emails and Q&A

  4. responsible of arranging and examining the sanitation work weekly

  5. need to regularly examine the rooms and report in case of any problem such as pipe leakage and ventilation malfunction

Job: Sanitation Person

Job Description:

  1. the workload is at least 3 hours each time, at least twice a week, preferably from 1pm to 10pm noticed 24 hours prior

  2. the first month will be a learning month for the person to adapt to the sanitation routine with a slight lower wage, and starting from the second month, this job offers either a higher per hour wage or a per room contract

If you are interested, please contact us at and Don’t Call the number online since it only responds to online bookings.

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