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الأربعاء، 10 مايو


Gull Lake Elks Hall

Gull Lake RAC Plant Swap

If you have plants that no longer bring you joy or if you’ve propagated one too many pothos, bring them to the plant swap!

Gull Lake RAC Plant Swap
Gull Lake RAC Plant Swap

الوقت والموقع

10 مايو 2023، 7:00 م – 7:05 م

Gull Lake Elks Hall, 2390 Proton Ave, Gull Lake, SK S0N 1A0, Canada

نبذة عن الحدث

You can trade with other planty people, sell your wares, or give your plants away. Each person is responsible for any money exchanged for their plants.

You also don’t have to bring plants—you can just shop and grow your collection—or just come and visit.

If you have plants you’d like to contribute but can’t be there at that time, let Sara know and we can make arrangements to get them there: 671-7725

Please ensure that all plants are pest-free.

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