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السبت، 27 يناير


Tompkins Community Hall

Garden Head Gun Club Trade Show

Join us for the Garden Head 35th Annual Gun and Hobby Show in Tompkins. Buy, sell, and trade guns, knives, crafts, collectibles, and home baking!

Garden Head Gun Club Trade Show
Garden Head Gun Club Trade Show

الوقت والموقع

27 يناير 2024، 10:00 ص – 5:00 م

Tompkins Community Hall, 17 Centre Ave, Tompkins, SK S0N 2S0, Canada

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Consession booth both days.

Cowboy action shooting demos.

Breakfast 8am to 10am operated by the Towmpkins Legion.

Contact Rhonda Martin 306-672-8010

James Lester 306-295-4185 or 306-295-7771

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